Standard Towing Head


Our original and most popular Towing Head designed to work over a range of wall thicknesses for any particular pipe size. This can be supplied with or without a rear eye and with a flat plate in place of the nose cone.

The Red Nose Towing Head has been designed to reduce the weight of the Standard Towing Head in sizes 200mm and above. The nose is made from PU.

Product Overview

The Pipe Equipment Standard Towing Head is one of a range of Towing Heads which the company manufactures to provide a quick, simple and reliable method of attaching a winch wire, or other pulling device, to a plastic pipe. Towing Heads avoid the need to cut into the pipe or the fusing of additional fittings in order to gain a pulling fixture. Removal is also simply and quickly carried out.

A number of different types of Towing Heads (also known as Pulling Heads) are manufactured to suit differing applications. They are all reusable and based on the “Vick” expanding internal gripper design which works on the principle that the harder the pull the tighter the grip. This design was first produced in 1985 and has since been successfully used throughout the world.

All models are manufactured to a high specification using good quality steels and aluminium. They are zinc plated for corrosion protection.

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