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Pneumatic Hacksaw

Designed to quickly and safely cut through all types of metallic pipe, including steel, ductile iton and cast iron.

Product Overview

This lightweight pneumatically powered hacksaw has been specifically designed to quickly and safely (no sparks) cut through all types of metallic pipe, including steel, ductile iron and cast iron from 80mm (3”) to 400mm (16”).

A pivot clamp secures the hacksaw to the pipe, and then by applying light pressure to the hacksaw handle the hacksaw cuts through the pipe from one side to the other.  A typical time to cut through a 150mm pipe is 10 minutes.

This design is particularly suited to applications where the space around the pipe is restricted by other utilities or obstacles.  It also avoids unnecessarily large excavations, thereby keeping the cost of excavation and reinstatement to a minimum.

A range of blade lengths are available to suit differing pipe diameters, and a blade support guide is recommended for 300mm (12”) pipes and above.

For cement lined pipe a special Transductile blade is available which is designed to cut both wet and dry ductile iron pipe cleanly and accurately without the liner flaking.

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