Plastic Mains and Service Tracer


Used in conjunction with a standard pipe locator this simple and effective product can reliably trace both live and dead pipes and ducts.

Product Overview

The Pipe Equipment Plastic Mains and Service Tracer was developed from an idea conceived by British Gas, to solve the widespread problem of locating underground plastic mains and services.

It consists of a 30 metre nylon wire which is fitted with a nose cone on the leading end and a conductor block on the tail. It is wound on a drum inside a robust metal box using the supplied winding handle.

The Tracer can be introduced into live or dead plastic mains and services. A range of glanding systems are available to allow the Tracer to be inserted directly into live gas and water pipes utilising existing fittings. It can also be used to locate lost thrust boring equipment by inserting through the air hose.

For longer lengths please refer to the Flexible Tracer Rods.

PE Service Tracer (30m)

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