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Pipe Wall Damage Indicator


This product accurately measures the depth of damage to the external surface of a pipe – thereby ensuring only pipes within the specification are used.

Damage Indicator (Pipes from 50mm to 500mm)

Product Overview

The Pipe Equipment Pipe Wall Damage Indicator has been specially designed to quickly and accurately measure the damage to an external pipe surface.

The Pipe Wall Damage Indicator consists of a digital depth gauge mounted in a angle block. It is supplied with a guide table and housed in a strong plastic case. It can be used for all pipe wall thicknesses in the size range 50mm (2″) to 500mm (20″).

It is designed to meet Gas and Water codes of practice, which states that if the wall of a PE pipe is damaged to a depth greater than 10% of its wall thickness, then the damaged section must be discarded.

The Pipe Wall Damage Indicator enables on site readings to an accuracy of 0.01mm (0.0005″) to be taken quickly and an instant decision on percentage wall damage to be made. Therefore avoiding pipe being unnecessarily discarded, or more seriously, left in commission when it should have been replaced.

Readings can be in metric or imperial units.

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