Pipe Expander

A long established product that will return to size or upsize the end of a PE pipe that has been reduced or deformed by Swaging, Rolldown or Die Drawing.

Product Overview

The Pipe Equipment range of Pipe Expanders has been specially designed to revert back to size or reshape the end of a PE pipe which has had its diameter deformed or reduced by Swaging, Roll Down or a Folded pipe process.  They can also be used to expand a pipe end for jointing purposes.

The Expander consists of a core section which is made of up to eight segments.  These segments expand radially outwards when acted upon by the hydraulic cylinder.  They are available to suit pipes from 2″ (51mm) upwards.

This well proven product has been designed to work on both MDPE and HDPE pipes of any wall thickness.  All metal parts are manufactured from high quality steels and are zinc plated for corrosion protection.  Wearing parts are heat treated for maximum strength and wear resistance.

The diameter of the Expander can be increased by the addition of ‘Shells’, which are fitted to the Expander core using the screws supplied.  Any number of Shells can be ‘stacked’ onto an Expander core, this enables one Expander to be used on a large number of PE pipe sizes.

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