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Pipe Buggies


Used to easily and safely transport single pipes or strings of pipe around the job site without damage. Buggies are available as either fixed wheel or as steerable models.

Product Overview

Pipe Buggies are the safe and easy way of moving either single pipe lengths, or complete strings of pipe, around the job site with minimum use of manpower and machinery, whilst avoiding any damage to the pipe as a result of it being dragged along the ground.

Ideally suited for use with the larger sizes of PE pipes and designed to be operated by one person.  Two styles are available, these being the steerable model – designed to be located at the front of the pipe string and also used to pull the pipe string, and the fixed wheel models – which are designed to be located along the pipe string length.

Pipe buggies can also be used to transport steel and ductile iron pipes, plus all other pipe materials.

Each Buggy is fitted with a ratchet strap, which is used to secure the pipe onto the Buggy.

Three models are available. One for PE pipes up to 355mm diameter, one for 250mm to 800mm and one for PE pipes from 500mm to 1200mm diameter.

All models are robustly constructed to work in the aggressive pipe laying industry.

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