PE Towing Head

This towing head is fused onto the PE pipe string and features a strong sealed, but rotating, eye bolt, thus ensuring a fully sealed towing head.

Suitable for directional drilling, slip lining and direct burial.

Available in the size range 90mm to 500mm plus.

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Product Overview

An all new product which has been developed to provide a strong fully sealed reusable Towing Head for the larger sizes of PE pipe.

This fully field tested product consists of a PE nose section, manufactured from a solid billet of PE, into which is fitted an eyebolt manufactured from high tensile steel.  This eyebolt is in turn housed within a sealed sleeve which is free to rotate within the PE nose.

Thrust Washers are fitted to both the front and the rear of the eyebolt to provide additional strength, and to allow the Towing Head to be ‘pushed back’ during a directional drilling operation.

A 500mm length of PE pipe is factory fused onto the PE nose cone thereby allowing the Towing Head to be easily butt fused onto a pipe section or string.

After use it can simply be cut from this pipe string and butt fused onto the next one.

Designed for use in directional drilling applications or any other application where it is essential to maintain a clean pipe bore.

Available for any pipe SDR in the size range 90mm to 500mm plus.

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