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Oneshot Moling

This kit of parts is designed to enable the new pipe or duct to be used as the air supply line to a pneumatic mole, thereby avoiding any potential problems resulting from collapsed bores.

Available in sizes 20mm up to 63mm.

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Product Overview

The Pipe Equipment OneShot Moling Kit, which has been developed from an idea conceived by operational Transco Engineers, uses the new PE pipe as the air supply hose to the pneumatic mole, eliminating the problems associated with trapped air hoses, and failed bores due to hole collapse.

The kit, which is supplied in a small tool box, can be supplied in two different styles.  The fully screw-in kit consists of two sets of single sized (20, 25 and 32mm) screw-in OneShot fittings – one set for the compressor end and one set for the mole end.  The semi screw-in kit uses the single sized screw-in fittings at the mole end and then a multi-sized fitting at the compressor end.

The mole end OneShot fitting is supplied with a quick release coupling to match the coupling on the mole hose tail whilst the compressor end OneShot fitting is fitted with a standard claw coupling.  A clip driver and all necessary Jubilee clips to secure the PE pipe to the OneShot fitting are also included.

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