Maxiburst Pipe Bursting System

Product Overview

Pipe Bursting, or Splitting, is the replacement of an existing, generally metallic, underground pipe (typically water, sewer or gas) with a new PE pipe of the same nominal size, or larger, without the need for a continuous trench.

An entry pit and a receive pit, typically about 100m apart, are excavated on the line of the existing pipe, which, after decommissioning, is used as a conduit for the high tensile steel Burster Rods which are inserted into the pipe from the receive pit using the MaxiBurst Rod Winch. When the rods reach the entry pit the Bursting Arrow, or Splitter, complete with Expander Cone and PE pipe, is attached to the rods.

Using the MaxiBurst Rod Winch this whole assembly is then pulled back through the existing pipe, bursting, or splitting, as it progresses. The Expander Cone pushes the pipe fragments into the surrounding ground and enlarges the bore thus enabling a new, possibly larger, PE pipe to be installed. A feature of the MaxiBurst system is a second set of ‘Jaws’ which grip the rods when the moving jaw is on its return stroke, thereby preventing any spring back.

The MaxiBurst Pipe Bursting system was originally developed in the mid 1990’s by Clearline. Further developments now make it one of the fastest and most economical pipe bursting systems on the market. The current machines, now manufactured and marketed by Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd, are capable of bursting 100 metres of 4” pipe in less than 30 minutes. Two models are currently available, these being the MaxiBurst 40 and the MaxiBurst 70.

The MaxiBurst 40 is suitable for pipe sizes from 3” (75mm) to 8” (200mm), whilst the MaxiBurst 70 can be used for all pipe sizes from 4” (100mm) to 14” (350mm). Both units have been designed with safety, reliability, speed and low operational costs as the primary objectives and have proved themselves to be rugged and reliable.

Since its conception the MaxiBurst system has been sold throughout the world with a considerable number of units sold to equipment hire companies – where its robust construction, high reliability and low cost consumables have proved to be a winner.

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