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Link Seals

LINK SEALS are used to provide a seal between a product pipe or cable and a casing sleeve, duct or wall.

LINK SEALS provide a modular hydrostatic sealing mechanism that is independent of internal or external pressure, and can provide a pressure seal up to 5 bar. LINK SEALS also provide electrical and vibrational insulation, and can provide fire resistance for up to three hours. The rubber material absorbs shocks and sounds, and reduces the vibration load on the pipes and cables. The unique link structure makes it possible to produce an almost unlimited number of sizes.

Please download the data sheet to show different options available.

Our sales team can advise suitable Link Seal and core hole sizes upon request.

The seal is supplied in an assembled condition with the required number of links, and owing to its special design the LINK SEAL chain is rapidly installed.

Product Overview

The LINK SEALS thick section design ensures excellent protection against brittleness, tearing, ageing, and other hazards of ground burial. As the seal is located inside the protective pipe, it cannot be damaged by external impacts.

LINK SEALS have been used successfully in many different applications including pipelines, cable ducts, tank farms, casings in crossings, wall openings in buildings for gas, water, cables, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, for fire and noise protection, as well as in pipe systems for water treatment, sewer plants, rubbish incineration plants, chemical plants and cooling towers.

LINK SEALS are available to operate in temperature ranges of – 40°C to +120°C and – 55°C to +230°C.

Pipe Equipment can also supply a range of INSULATORS to support a product pipeline inside a sleeve or carrier pipe.

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