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Insulators / Centralisers

Also known as Centralisers or Spiders, this product, which can be manufactured in plastic or metal, is used to centralise or position pipe within a sleeve or carrier pipe.

Please contact our sales team who will be able to advise the most suitable size/model.

Product Overview

Insulators (also known as centralisers or spiders) are used to enable a product pipeline to be installed inside a casing, sleeve or carrier pipe to centralise it and protect it from corrosion, mechanical and thermal shocks and stresses (especially during the installation procedure).  As the insulators are manufactured from high density polythene, they also prevent the conduction of an electric current between the product pipe and the casing.

A wide range of insulators are available, depending upon the pipe size, material, weight, and the clearance between the product pipe and the casing.

Insulators are based on a modular design with simple connections to allow rapid assembly.

For high temperature pipelines, insulators are available with operating temperatures up to 140°C.  These are primarily for use in hot water, steam, and district heating pipelines.

Steel spiders are also available to suit specific applications including high temperature use, and where there is a large annular space between the carrier and the product pipe or where several product pipes need to be installed. They are also used when there is a requirement to keep the product pipe off the centre line of the casing.

Contact us for guidance on the best type of insulator, and the spacings required.

Pipe Equipment can also supply a range of LINK SEALS to provide seals between product pipes, or cables, and casing sleeves or ducts.

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