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The Eesiseel range of inflatable stoppers are designed for use where there is access to the full pipe bore:

  Eesiseel stoppers give the following benefits:

  • All pipe sizes from 1.9″-12.6″ (48mm-320mm) can be sealed with just five Eesiseel Stoppers.
  • Easy to achieve a good seal.
  • Easy to inflate through a self-sealing car-type Schrader valve or brass cock.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Robust and durable: will last a long time when properly cared-for.
  • resistant to a large number of chemicals 
  • We have a 4″ (100mm) stopper with a 1/2″ (12.7mm) i/d tube through the centre of the bag, used for pressure testing. Other sizes can be manufactured upon request

Product Overview

Eesiseel PVC Bags from Pipe Equipment Specialists

At Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd, we offer a range of flowstop eesiseel PVC air bags, which are suitable for a range if purposes. All of the flowstop eesiseel PVC bags we offer are manufactured using quality materials, to ensure a long lasting and highly durable product. The ridged body design means a good secure seal is provided even in difficult working conditions.

Our flowstop eesiseel PVC air bags are suitable are regularly purchased by both individuals and businesses based in the industry. Having offered our eesiseel PVC bags for many years, they have become well-known throughout the industry for their durability and high quality design. When it comes to eesiseel PVC air bags, be sure to order directly from Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd.

Using PVC Air Bags

The robust design of the flowstop PVC eesiseel bags means they are resistant to a number of different chemical substances. The eesiseel PVC air bags can be used in pipes that vary in diameter and there secure sealing system means they are suitable to be used in a number of working pressures. We have supplied our products to both individuals and businesses in the industry for many years.

Our flowstop eesiseel PVC air bags are suitable to be used in pipes ranging from 1.9″-12.6″ in diameter. The easy inflation method means they can added and removed with ease. As one of the leading inflatable PVC stoppers on the market, there’s no reason not to choose the flowstop eeiseel air bags from Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd.

Buy Eesiseel PVC Bags Online from Pipe Equipment Specialists

If you’re looking for Eesiseel PVC bags, then be sure to order online from Pipe Equipment Specialists. The Eesiseel PVC bags we offer are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards to ensure our customers receive a quality product. We have a number of size options available making them suitable for a range of purposes. Get in touch or order online from Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd.

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