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Cable Pulling Lubricants


We supply a range of high quality water-based cable pulling lubricant for underground power and telecommunication cable installations that provide superior friction reduction and thus reducing the risk of cable damage. All types adhere perfectly to cables in wet weather and has a resistance to wash off in water filled ducts

Techlube TLHD is specially designed for heavy cables and difficult cable pulls. Provides superior friction reduction between cable and all forms of duct

Techlube TLMulti is a medium duty general purpose cable lubricant providing superior friction reduction in high shear and on difficult electrical utility and heavier telecommunication cable placing operations

Techlube TLPHD pourable cable lubricant for medium weight and lighter cable pulling operations. Its string and cling consistency adheres perfectly to cables in all conditions. Techlube PHD can be used with electrical and telecommunication cables

TL Lubaduk/M (9702A) is a BT approved lubricant conforming to MAT138A. Formulated with silicone polymers to reduce friction during installation of telecommunication and fibre-optic cable in underground subduct for both pulling and blowing cable installation methods

TL Lubaduk (9702NB) is similar to above but does not contain silicone polymers and is therefore a lower cost alternative to our “M” version but still meets the British Telecom specification MAT 138A

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