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Pipe Equipment Specialist offer a wide range of products specially designed for the Cable Laying industry:

Product Overview

Expanding Stopper

Expanding Stoppers are used for pipes and ducts in the size range from 1/2″ (12mm) to 48″ (1200mm).  They are manufactured from nylon, aluminium or pressed steel (dependant on size) and are designed to prevent the ingress of water and dirt into new and existing pipes.

Rope Blowing Tee

Pipe Equipment’s Rope Blowing Tee is a product designed for installing draw ropes into cable ducts. The Rope Blowing Tee is connected to the inlet of a Pipe Stopper (supplied separately), and then connected to the airline from a pneumatic compressor.

High Pressure Rope Blowing Tee

Similar to the Rope Blowing Tee, this product is designed to withstand pressure up to 10 bar without additional bracing. It incorporates a pressure relief valve to prevent over-pressurisation.

Foam Pigs c/w Rope

Our range of Foam Pigs c/w Rope have been specially designed to make the installation off draw ropes and tapes into cable ducts and pipes much simpler and quicker.  Once installed, the draw rope, or tape, can be use to pull in a cable or winch wire.

Cable Rollers

Our range of Cable Rollers are designed to help with the installation of Cables. We offer a wide range of design and sizes.

Proving Pigs

The Pipe Equipment Specialists Proving Pig is used to prove that the internal dimensions of a pipe do not fall below a minimum diameter.

It is supplied with a towing eye at both ends so that a rope may be pulled in at the same time to allow the pig to be retracted if necessary, or to act as a cable draw cord.

Duct Brush

Duct Brushes are used to remove dirt and other loose debris from inside electrical or communication ducts. They are supplied with an eye at both ends for pulling through ducts. Duct brushes are available in sizes 2” to 16”.

Continuous Fibreglass Rods

Also known as Cobras or Duct Rods, this product is used in pipe and duct laying operations to assist with the installation of draw ropes, cables and winch wires. They can also be used as part of a CCTV or pipe cleaning system.

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