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Breakaway Connector


Also know as a weak link or fuse, the Breakaway Connector is designed to prevent damage to cables and pipes resulting from excessive tensile loads.

Product Overview

Breakaway Connectors, also known as ‘weak links’, are used to prevent stretching or breaking of pipes and cables which can result from excessive pulling loads being applied to them.

The Pipe Equipment Breakaway Connector, manufactured from high grade stainless steel, is designed to separate into two parts when a specific load is exceeded, thereby avoiding damaging pulling loads being applied to a pipe or cable.

Two models are currently available:

Model ‘1’ – For loads between 0.3 and 6.0 tonnes

Model ‘2’ – For loads between 6.0 and 20.0 tonnes

The two parts of the Breakaway Connector are joined together using up to 5 screws known as Connector Pins. For each model there are five different load rated Connector Pins.

By fitting the correct combination and number of Connector Pins it is possible to select virtually any load from 0.3 to 6.0 tonnes, in 0.1 tonne increments, for Model ‘1’, and any load from 6.0 to 20.0 tonnes in 0.5 tonne increments for Model ‘2’. Therefore a single connector with different sets of Connector Pins can be used for a wide range of specific loads.

All pins are tested to ensure that they will break within 5% of their rated load and are available either as single pins or in sets for a specific load.

Should a Breakaway Connector pull apart, due to its rated load being exceeded, then the broken Connector Pins are simply removed and replaced with new Pins. A much more economical solution than replacing the complete connector.

Other single load models available.

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